Custom and Unique T Shirts for Men and Women

Mar 15 , 2021

John Elewa

Custom and Unique T Shirts for Men and Women

 Custom and Unique T Shirts for Men and Women


New Custom and Unique T Shirts Lines for Men and Women

What is the difference between screen printing and digital printing? Screen printing is the traditional method of t-shirt printing where mesh screen stencils are used to print each color in your design individually. Screen printing is more cost effective for large order quantities or custom t-shirt designs with fewer colors and requires an order minimum of 12 pieces.

Digital printing, on the other hand, uses large inkjet printers, much like your: at-home desktop printer, to print all the colors in your design directly onto your t-shirt. This t-shirt printing method is best suited for orders with lots of colors or small quantities like even a single custom printed t-shirt. To know more about this, you need to check out in-depth comparison of the two print methods for more details.

We are adding more custom and unique tee shirts daily for more options. Please check back if you do not find what you are looking for right now or drop us a line on your request and we will make it happen.

Fibermerix Team