COVID-19 Prevention Policy

COVID-19 Prevention Statement and Policy

Fibermerix Chic Prevention Statement and Policy and Compliance

As we manage through these uncertain times, we at Fibermerix Inc. want to assure you our clients of our continued focus on the safety and support of our staff members, clients, employees and carriers.


We recognize that preferences for how you our customers engage with our shopping outlets and services in your stay-at-home program is shifting as you consider your own circumstances. Fibermerix Management is uniquely positioned to be able to offer all aspects of order processing and shipment through our equally carefully selected service providers.


As you may have expected of us, we are actively making sure all our processes are as usual clean and are closely monitored for any Covid-19 related issues. We are closely monitoring the developments - at this time there are none - of COVID-19 and its impact to our customers, selling partners, carriers and employees. As of today, we are happy to report that we are all well and plan to stay active and healthy to able to continue to serve our customers effectively and in the best way possible.


In addition to continuing all of our normal activities, we are announcing that some of our product line-up have slightly changed to include products like puzzles for adults and kids, bandanas, scarves and Non- N95 masks, for example that may help this stay-at-home period more palatable for our customers. We will continue to add more equally relevant products to our line-up are we see fit or as the market dictates.


Given the reduced workforce around the world at this time. Please note that COVID-19 as expected is causing global logistical bottlenecks everywhere. As a result, it is normal at this time to expect some slight delivery delays with your order. We are however constantly and actively working to make sure orders are shipped out and delivered as fast as we can, so please bear with us. Free Shipping is still the norm.


We are not only practicing social distancing, working with gloves and masks but also limiting the number of workforce and occupants of our warehouse to less than 5 occupants at a time - as the local regulatory requirements permits - till further notice. We do this for both the physical and financial safety of our staff and clients.


We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time with shipping delays, call delays and any other delays you may have experienced at this time. However, we are keeping on top of things very promptly. We hope that before too long we'll all have the pleasure of everyone in the world return to the full roster and resumption of regular normal operations. However even at this time nothing is adversely affected as far as our services is concerned. It is our policy to continue to serve our customers without delays, safely, and in the cleanest way possible.  


In case of any enquiries it is best to contact us at:, We will try to respond as soon as we can.


Thank you again, and stay safe. 

Fibermerix Team