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Jade Roller Stone - Jade Face Roller - Facial Massager

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Jade Roller Stone - Jade Face Roller - Facial Massager

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More details:

The Famous Fibermerix Jade Face Roller for Facial Massages

Product Description and Features:

  • Roller Stone - Do Jade Rollers Work? Find here your very own Jade Beauty Roller miracle and how to use. Jade Beauty Roller Miracle benefits include and not limited to facial acne reduction, smoother skin, sinus relief, firm skin and toxins removal. Also removes common facial puffiness and wrinkling from the initial coolness of the real natural stone and resulting under the skin blood circulation.
  • Does jade roller really work or Is it a Scam? Judging from the popularity of our product and feedback, we can surely say that it works and you will not be disappointed. This product has been sold worldwide
  • Roller Stone - Benefits of Jade Roller for Face. The dual-headed roller is great for both general facial massage and around the eyes, to remove puffiness, black circles and eyebags. It can also be used actually on the neck, shoulders, foot and anywhere a massage is required. Works equally for men and women and for all skin types.
  • How to use a Jade roller is very simple. Improve your skin tone, texture and firmness today with our Jade roller with included how to use jade roller guide for the absolute best results.


  • Type: Natural Jade Stone Roller
  • Material: Natural Jade Stone
  • Skin Type: General
  • Gender: Male and Female, Unisex
  • Package Include: 1x Jade Roller, How to Use Jade Roller User Guide, Gift-boxed
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Shipping: Currently only shipping to US and Canada

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